Fun And Romantic Winter Getaways In Michigan

Some of the most enjoyable trips to plan are romantic getaways in Michigan. Often times, my husband and I get so caught up in our work life and with the kids that we almost forget to greet each other hello. This is why we have come up with a pact to take at least one weekend out of every month and dedicate those two days solely on nurturing our relationship. One of our favorite trips to take is to Michigan during the winter. There is just something special about cuddling up to my husband on a cold and snowy night.

Satisfying Your Cravings During Romantic Winter Getaways In Michigan
Just because the weather is cold outside doesn’t mean that there aren’t any activities that you and your loved one can enjoy. There are lots of indoor attractions that will keep you occupied. A fun place to explore is Greek Town. This historic district has a casino that ensures a lively time. Of course, based on the name, it goes without saying that they have authentic Greek food in the area as well. If Greek food does not sound appetizing to you, you can walk to Monroe Street where there is a wide variety of cafes and bakeries to fulfill whatever it is that your taste buds are craving for.

Home Away From Home
A romantic getaway does not necessarily mean that you have to go on a tour of the entire city. Sometimes, all a couple needs is a new environment and each other. Checking into a nice hotel with some awesome amenities is a great way to spend your mini-vacation. Find a hotel that has an outstanding restaurant, a spa that can pamper you with indulgent massages and a bathtub that you can soak the night away in. This is also ideal for couples who cannot be away for an entire weekend. Checking into a hotel for just a night may be all that you need to rekindle the romance.

What To Pack For Romantic Winter Getaways In Michigan
If possible, it is highly recommended that you do not wait until the last minute to pack for your mini vacation. You want to be in a relaxed mood even before you leave for your trip. Making a list of what to bring based on the activities that you will be doing in Michigan is the most effective way to ensure that you do not forget something important. The basics that you should definitely have are a warm coat, boots, and comfortable pants. You can also opt to throw in something a little sexy in your suitcase since you are planning a romantic getaway.

post2There are a few ways where you can cut costs on your trip. One way is to book your room and airline tickets in advance. Many times when you reserve early, you are given some sort of discounted price. Another option is to pack a lot of snacks so that you do not end up constantly spending money throughout the day. Pack a small bag of chips or a small bottle of water in your purse and you will be surprised how that helps in your overall budget. Having romantic winter getaways in Michigan is something that all couples can and should do.

How To Save On Your Trip

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